Gap Year For Grown-Ups
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Welcome to Season 1

Why should gap years be wasted on the young? That's the question host Debbie Weil asked before interviewing her three adult children about their student gap years. Turns out their gap years were NOT wasted. Listen to Episode 1 and find out why.

But the question remains... can grown-ups take a timeout from real life? The answer is yes, but it's a bit more complicated than it is for students. In Episode 2 she talks with her husband, her gap year co-conspirator. In future episodes she interviews adults from every decade about the how, why and what of taking a gap year. In addition, she chats with experts on topics like the pursuit of happiness and the science of decision-making.

Look for a new episode every two weeks.

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    Episode 1: The Difference Between Student and Grown-up Gap Years

    In this first episode, Debbie explores the difference between student and grown-up gap years. She reminisces with her 88-year-old father about the first gap year she took as a 14-year-old and goes on to talk to her three -- now grown-up -- children who all took student gap years before university. It turns out that gap years are NOT wasted on the young.

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    A podcast for grown-ups who think a gap year should be a THING at any age, especially when you are 50+ and trying to figure out what comes next.